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Condemnation – Tract Of Farmland (access required)

Brief statement of claim: Land condemnation Other useful info: The Department of Transportation condemned 73.41 acres of an 111-acre tract of farmland near Knightdale for construction of the US 64/Knightdale Bypass. The subject property was vacant land used for agricultural ...

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Infant's Meningitis Goes Undiagnosed (access required)

Brief statement of claim: Medical malpractice Other useful info: A two-week-old infant developed meningitis while hospitalized for dehydration. The meningitis was undiagnosed for four days, leading to brain damage and ultimately death at age four. Principal injuries (in order of ...

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Auto Dealer's Pickup Truck Crosses Median (access required)

Brief statement of claim: Plaintiff’s decedent, a 23-year-old Duke University nurse, was killed by a truck that crossed the highway median. Other useful info: Jessica Abbey, a nurse at Duke University Medical Center, had just picked up her 16-year-old sister ...

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Boat Crew Member — River Accident (access required)

Brief statement of claim: Admiralty and Maritime claim by the member of the crew of a dredge boat for personal injuries on the navigable waters of the Cooper River near Charleston SC Principal injuries (in order of severity): Injury to ...

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Child Born With Cerebral Palsy (access required)

Brief statement of claim: The plaintiff’s child developed cerebral palsy after a difficult labor and delivery. The plaintiffs contended that the condition directly resulted from negligent mismanagement of the labor and delivery by the obstetrician, a nurse midwife, and the ...

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Fall While Exiting Railroad Depot (access required)

Brief statement of claim: Slip and fall injury claim was brought against the plaintiff’s employer, CSX, under the Federal Employer’s Liability Act. Other useful info: The plaintiff fell when he exited the railroad depot and stepped in a shallow trench ...

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