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Attorneys, judges, paralegals and others directly connected with the legal community in North Carolina rely on North Carolina Lawyers Weekly to keep them informed and connected to news and events in the state. They choose to invest their money, time and attention in the preeminent source for the legal news that gives them an edge. Advertisers seeking this exclusive market should know…

North Carolina Lawyers Weekly subscribers are:

Affluent– On average, the annual household income of our subscriber is $247,000.

Loyal – Over half of subscribers have read North Carolina Lawyers Weekly for more than 15 years.

Decision Makers – 71% are involved in purchasing of products or services for their organization.

Engaged – The typical subscriber has read of looked through all four of the last four issues, and considers the publication a “must read.”

A full 73% of our subscribers have taken an action, such as seeking further information, using a website, recommending a product or service or purchasing or ordering a product or service, as a result of reading North Carolina Lawyers Weekly.

If you want your messaging in front of an experienced, educated and high-powered audience, North Carolina Lawyers Weekly delivers.
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