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The professionals who build and grow Mecklenburg, Union and Iredell counties count on us.

The Mecklenburg Times chronicles business activity in and around Mecklenburg, Union and Iredell counties, communicating vital news and information to the real estate, development and construction sectors. Unlike general business coverage, our focus is on the issues most important to these well-connected, high-income readers.

The Mecklenburg Times subscribers are:

Affluent – Average household income of subscribers is $252,000.

Decision makers – 65% are involved in purchasing of products or services for their organization.

Loyal – The typical subscriber has read or looked through all four of the last four issues and agrees that the Mecklenburg Times is a “must read.”

74% of our subscribers have taken action, such as seeking more information, visiting a website, recommending a product or service, or purchasing or ordering a product or service, as a result of reading the Mecklenburg Times content.

No business publication gets your message in front of area professionals in real estate, development and construction like The Mecklenburg Times.


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