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Workers’ Compensation – Accident – Interruption of Routine – Housekeeping Closet – Cramped Sink Area – Torn Rotator Cuff – Short-Term Disability – Credit (access required)

Nations v. Western Carolina University While cleaning up a spill in a residence hall, plaintiff went to a seldom-used janitor’s closet to empty the water from his mop bucket. The cramped area around the sink required plaintiff to get into an awkward position to empty the bucket, and he experienced pain in his right shoulder, which turned out to be a tear of his rotator cuff. There was an interruption of plaintiff’s normal work routine with the introduction thereby of unusual conditions likely to result in unexpected consequences. Therefore, plaintiff’s torn rotator cuff is compensable.

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Workers’ Compensation – Truck Driver – Accident – Termination – Unfounded Litigiousness (access required)

Alexander v. AAA Cooper Transportation, Inc. (Lawyers Weekly No. 11-08-0146, 8 pp.) (Danny Lee McDonald, Commissioner) Appealed from Opinion & Award of Deputy Commissioner Bradley W. Houser. I.C. No. 089319. Holding: The defendant-employer failed to show that a non-injured worker ...

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Nurse injured in Durham Freeway wreck settles case for $850,000 (access required)

Defendant-truck driver was driving a 2003 Freightliner tractor pulling an enclosed van semi-trailer north/northwest on N.C. 147 in Durham. Plaintiff Jane Doe, age 60 and an oncology nurse at Duke University Medical Center, was driving her 2000 Toyota Camry on ...

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Scooter rider settles for $775K after drilling truck hit him (access required)

Plaintiff was employed full-time and largely self-sufficient prior to the accident, living independently, with no government assistance or services. Plaintiff was working approximately 40 hours per week for a regional grocery chain, but had no health insurance. Plaintiff rode his ...

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