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Contract – Consent Judgment – Real Property – Neighbors – Boat Dock & Vegetation (access required)

Bryant & Associates, LLC v. EvansEven though plaintiffs’ response to defendants’ summary judgment motion did not mention defendants’ surveyor’s affidavit -- which said defendants’ dock did not encroach on plaintiffs’ property -- plaintiffs’ verified complaint asserts that plaintiff Kenneth Bryant has personal knowledge of his own property and that defendants’ boat dock encroaches on plaintiffs’ land.

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Civil Practice – Service of Process – Virginia Server – Affidavit – Domestic Relations – Paternity & Child Support (access required)

New Hanover County Child Support Enforcement ex rel. Beatty v. Greenfield Where the process server’s affidavit showed that he was authorized to serve process in Virginia and that he left copies of the summons and complaint with defendant himself, service of process was sufficient.

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