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Domestic Relations – Alimony – Separation Agreement – Attorney’s Fees – Reasonableness (access required)

Jackson v. Penton. The trial court had the authority to award reasonable attorney's fees under the express provisions of a separation agreement; however, the amount of fees was unreasonable where they were awarded to enforce a provision of the separation agreement that was unenforceable as against public policy. Affirmed in part; reversed and remanded in part.

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Domestic Relations – Post-Separation Support – Wife’s Expenses – Alimony – Duration – Wife’s Income – Insufficient Findings (access required)

Crocker v. Crocker. The trial court could consider evidence it heard in the parties' child custody hearing in determining the family's standard of living for purposes of post-separation support. Since the trial court's findings relegate the defendant-husband to a lower standard of living than he enjoyed during the parties' marriage, such findings do not form a basis for appeal by the plaintiff-wife.

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Domestic Relations – Alimony – Insufficient Findings – Expenses – Ability to Pay – Duration (access required)

Fennell v. Fennell. Because the trial court failed to make sufficient findings of fact to support its conclusion that the plaintiff-wife is entitled to alimony and to explain the manner and duration of the ordered payments, we cannot effectively review the alimony order on appeal.

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