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Luddites beware (access required)


This summer, the American Bar Association changed its definition of competence to include technological acumen. Being competent now includes keeping abreast of “the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.” “Our definition of what a Luddite is, is going to change,” said Amy Plent of the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation.

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Coach’s Corner: The power to regulate is the (potential) power to destroy

Many lawyers and law firm marketers have sounded alarms that the American Bar Association's Commission on Ethics 20/20 is examining legal ethics issues arising from lawyers' use of Internet-based client development tools. Those tools encompass a wide range of now common marketing tactics: online social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), blogging, discussion forums (listservs) and websites.

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ABA ponders ‘Truth in Law School Education’ (access required)

Law schools need to be more transparent about the costs and employment data they give to applicants, and it's time to make that happen. So says American Bar Association President Steve Zack (pictured), who recently told a group of educators that the ABA is considering whether to increase the types of information that schools are required to disclose to consumers.

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