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Jul 9, 2015

An unequal playing field: NC lawyer helped US’s soccer champions launch ‘turf war’ against FIFA

The U.S. women’s soccer team’s July 5 triumph over Japan in the World Cup finals capped a tournament that was everything the team’s players could have dreamt of—except, perhaps, in one important way. Unlike every previous men’s and women’s Cup, this one was played on artificial turf, a surface known to increase the risk of […]

Jan 28, 2015

NC businesses propose protection for gay, lesbian workers

CHARLOTTE (AP) — Some Charlotte businesses are proposing protections for employees who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. The Charlotte Observer reported that the Charlotte Business Guild proposed a three-part plan Tuesday. The plan includes publicizing businesses that voluntarily provide protections, as well as trying to convince state lawmakers to require protection for employees. The [...]

Mar 18, 2011

High court kills anti-bias measure, won’t say why

By SYLVIA ADCOCK, Staff Writer [email protected]   An amendment to the Rules of Professional Conduct that said lawyers should not discriminate has been rejected without comment by the N.C. Supreme Court. The move by the justices in an administrative meeting means the issue – which the State Bar hotly debated for nearly two years – […]

Mar 16, 2011

High court kills anti-discrimination amendment to preamble

The N.C. Supreme Court has rejected an amendment to the preamble of the Rules of Professional Conduct that would ban discrimination by lawyers. The move by the justices in an administrative meeting last week means the issue is dead. Any changes to the rules must be approved by the Supreme Court. The court does not have to give reasons for rejecting a change, and it did not give any this time. "Tha[...]

Aug 13, 2010

How should attorneys address race with juries?

By CORREY STEPHENSON, Lawyers USA, the national sister paper of Lawyers Weekly [email protected] Race remains an important – and an awkward – subject in the United States, which makes it that much harder for lawyers to address with jurors. Should racial issues always be presented to jurors? How does an attorney ask potential jurors about […]

Jul 28, 2010

Bar continues debate on non-discrimination preamble

The Ethics Committee of the State Bar considered a controversial amendment to the preamble to the Rules of Professional Conduct at its quarterly meeting late last week in Pinehurst. The original amended language provided that a lawyer, "[w]hile employed in a professional capacity ... should avoid knowingly manifesting through word or deed or bias or prejudice based upon a person's race, gender,[...]

May 5, 2010

Lawyers get look at new anti-discrimination preambleLawyers get look at new anti-discrimination preamble

North Carolina lawyers will soon have an opportunity to scrutinize a revised version of last year’s controversial proposal to add an anti-discrimination provision to the Rules of Professional Conduct. The State Bar Council recently approved the ethics committee’s request to publish a modified amendment for comment in the upcoming State Bar Journal. The newly crafted […]

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