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attorney discipline

Aug 9, 2019

ADA’s answer to judge “belied” truth, merits discipline

  “Y’all,” that most quintessentially Southern of words, may be folksy, but it is also helpfully precise. A simple “you” can be shifty—it could refer to ‘you’ personally, or ‘you’ plural. But “y’all” leaves no such room for slipperiness. And so an assistant district attorney in Pitt County who gave an “I” answer to a […]

Jun 18, 2018

Attorney sentenced; used account as ‘personal piggy bank’

ASHEVILLE (AP) A North Carolina attorney has been sentenced to two years behind bars for embezzling money in a scheme that the prosecutor says involved using his law firm’s trust account “as his personal piggy bank.” U.S. Attorney Andrew Murray said in a news release that 44-year-old Howard Trade Elkins was sentenced June 14 for […]

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