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Obama addresses vets in NC trip laden with politics

Three months after a veterans' health care scandal rocked his administration, President Barack Obama is taking executive action to improve the mental well-being of veterans. The president was to announce his initiatives during an appearance before the American Legion National Convention that is fraught with midterm politics.

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Will Obama’s proposals rein in patent trolls?

The Obama administration has announced five executive actions and seven legislative proposals aimed at holding back the tsunami of litigation by patent trolls, and lawyers are weighing in on whether the recommendations will wall off the tidal waves or merely be sandbags on the shore. “These are more symbolic, [rather] than having a meaningful impact,” said Anthony Biller, an intellectual property lawyer at Coats + Bennett in Cary.

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Hiding it in plain sight

A federal magistrate in North Carolina has ordered Twitter not to alert anyone about the existence of a search warrant for information associated with a Charlotte man who tweeted about assassinating President Barack Obama. How do we know this? Because we obtained the order, which had been filed under seal, simply by downloading it from the court’s website.

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