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Bigamy you say? (access required)

2016 is shaping up to be a big year for bigamy in North Carolina. So far, at least two residents have been charged with the crime, which is a Class I felony that carries a sentence of four months to ...

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Immigration – Marriage Falsehoods Stymie Citizenship Hopes (access required)

Injeti v. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Servs. A district court did not err in finding an Indian citizen was ineligible for U.S. citizenship because she had not been lawfully admitted for permanent residence based on immigration officials’ determination that she had submitted a fraudulent death certificate for her first husband; however, the 4th Circuit vacates the district court decision that appellant had failed to demonstrate good moral character.

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Family Law – Marriage – Bigamy – Annulment – Presumption of legality of second marriage (access required)

Mussa v. Palmer-Mussa Bound by the district court’s uncontested finding that Kareem was not authorized to perform marriage ceremonies in North Carolina. From this finding it follows that plaintiff failed to show that his marriage to defendant was bigamous because he could not demonstrate that defendant married Braswell during a marriage ceremony that met the requirements of section 51-1. As a result, the district court properly dismissed plaintiff’s annulment action.

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Supreme Court rules that woman not a bigamist

RALEIGH (AP) — The North Carolina Supreme Court says a Wake County man cannot annul his 12-year marriage because his wife was still married to another man. The ruling reverses a 2011 Court of Appeals decision that Nikki Palmer-Mussa was still required to officially terminate her previous marriage, even though the union was legally invalid.

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Domestic Relations – Bigamy – Voidable Marriage – Islamic Ceremony & Divorce – No Licenses – Construction Worker Officiating (access required)

Mussa v. Palmer-Mussa A wedding ceremony performed by a construction worker - with no marriage licenses - resulted in a marriage that was voidable, not void. Since defendant ended that first marriage only via an Islamic divorce and not through court action, her second marriage was bigamous and therefore void. We reverse the trial court’s dismissal of plaintiff’s complaint for annulment.

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