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Nov 21, 2012

Mechanic’s burn injuries settled for $2.9 million

The tech support expert said he didn’t expect the aircraft mechanic he was advising to use 100 percent isopropyl alcohol to wash out a jet engine, but he admitted that he did not make himself clear when he gave the advice.

Jan 17, 2011

$3 million settlement for man burned in arc flash

 Settlement Report Type of action: Burn injuries from arc flash Injuries alleged: 40 percent total body surface burns Case name: Confidential Case number: Confidential Court: Confidential Verdict or settlement: Settlement   Date: November 2010 Amount: $3 million, plus waiver of $1 million workers’ compensation lien      Insurer: Confidential      Plaintiff’s attorney: C. Jeff[...]

Jan 17, 2011

$1.55M settlement in suit over burns at construction site

 Settlement Report Type of action: Construction site incident Injuries alleged: Third- and fourth-degree burns to lower extremity Case name: Confidential Case number: Confidential Court: Confidential Verdict or settlement: Settlement Date: June 2010 Amount: $1.55 million                 Insurer: Confidential      Plaintiff’s attorneys: C. Jeff Warren and Chris M. Kallianos[...]

Jan 17, 2011

Third-party workplace explosion suit settles for nearly $2.9M

This action arose from a fire and explosion that occurred at a feed and grain mill, which was owned and operated by the third-party defendants. The plaintiff was not employed by the feed and grain mill, but instead was employed by a subcontractor that had been hired to perform repair work at the mill. The […]

Jan 5, 2011

Defense verdict in products liability suit over wheelchair fire

This was a wrongful-death claim grounded in products liability. Plaintiff claimed that his 70-year-old mother burned to death as a result of an alleged wiring defect and resulting short circuit in an electric self-propelled wheelchair. Alternatively, plaintiff claimed that the wheelchair lacked sufficient flame retardancy in its component parts, and that the chair therefore burned […]

Jul 8, 2010

Workplace explosion results in $8.7M settlement for third-party contractors

The case involved two workers who were called into an industrial plant to help repair some faulty equipment. They were not employed by the plant, but instead, were third-party contractors with specialized skill. During the course of the workers’ performance of their duties, there was a fault in a piece of industrial equipment. The two […]

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