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Turf War: Client scarcity fuels battle between rural, urban lawyers (access required)

Smithfield attorneys watch as lawyers from Raleigh walk into the Johnston County Courthouse with dozens of traffic-ticket shucks in their hands. In Union County, attorneys are feeling the squeeze as law firms in Charlotte take on more personal-injury cases. And in Pender County, the local bar is trying to change the rules for the indigent-defender list to keep Wilmington-based lawyers from signing up. Turf battles among attorneys are nothing new. But with today's financial pressures, some lawyers in urban areas may be quicker to look for business in outlying counties, according to interviews with attorneys across the state.

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LegalZoom: Scourge or partner? Depends whom you ask (access required)

Gregory Herman-Giddens was at the annual meeting of the Chatham County Chamber of Commerce when a young woman approached him. "She said she had a 2-year-old daughter and a second child on the way," Herman-Giddens said. "She said she needed to get a will done and was thinking of doing it online. She asked me what I thought about that." The Chapel Hill estate-planning attorney admitted that he was biased. "But when you think of what your family is worth to you and the money you spend to make sure your children are well-cared-for, yet you choose the very cheapest method of providing for the future financial protection of your children instead of spending a few hundred dollars and going to an expert, that is shortsighted," he said.

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Excess Supply? NC attorneys fear state’s 7 law schools making too many lawyers (access required)

As a record number of North Carolina's law students buckle down with their casebooks this fall, members of the bar are questioning whether the state's seven law schools are churning out more graduates than the market can bear, as well as raising questions about how prepared the new graduates are to begin practicing. These and other questions arose at a summit the N.C. Bar Association held earlier this month. It featured what was likely the first-ever conference of the bar and representatives from all of the state's law schools.

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Coach’s Corner: Does Rule 1.17 save the sole/small firm practitioner? Part I

When the American Bar Association in 2002 modified Model Rule of Professional Conduct 1.17 to permit the sale of part of a practice, it was called the savior of sole and small-firm practitioners. The modification gave lawyers another way to reap the financial value of what they have built up over the years by their own hard work and creativity, converting the goodwill represented by their practices into a liquid asset.

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Web 2.0 adds new ethics twists to legal marketing (access required)

By CORREY STEPHENSON, Lawyers USA, the national sister paper of Lawyers Weekly [email protected]   While many lawyers are taking advantage of abundant networking and marketing opportunities using Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, they should be aware of ...

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To plan your revenue, plan your clients (access required)

Law firms seem compelled to focus marketing time and resources on where the money is not - constantly dispatching teams to give new business pitches for a wide variety of prospective clients, most of whom will not pan out. Certainly looking for opportunities with new clients is important. But it is far more essential for any firm to assess the clients it has, define the clients it wants and focus revenue generation on the optimum combination of the two.

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