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Sep 24, 2010

Tried & Proven: 10 tips for better law firm staff evaluations

By NANCY BYERLY JONES, Special to Lawyers Weekly [email protected]   Too many law offices have sloppily put together employee-evaluation systems. These mostly ineffective systems are typically used haphazardly, inconsistently and hurriedly. This means that they result in unfair and inaccurate results. Does it really matter in the big scheme of things? The answer is a […]

Sep 3, 2010

Web 2.0 adds new ethics twists to legal marketing

By CORREY STEPHENSON, Lawyers USA, the national sister paper of Lawyers Weekly [email protected]   While many lawyers are taking advantage of abundant networking and marketing opportunities using Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, they should be aware of a number of ethical pitfalls. From concerns about breaching client confidentiality on Facebook to the [[...]

Sep 3, 2010

Coach’s Corner: When ‘protecting the public’ goes to the grave with the lawyer

By ED POLL, Special to Lawyers Weekly [email protected] An earlier column about sole practitioners’ succession planning noted that those lawyers who fail to do such planning face significant ethical consequences. This concern needs be reviewed in more detail. The ethical implications of failing to plan for a practice’s future when the lawyer retires or dies […]

Aug 20, 2010

To plan your revenue, plan your clients

Law firms seem compelled to focus marketing time and resources on where the money is not - constantly dispatching teams to give new business pitches for a wide variety of prospective clients, most of whom will not pan out. Certainly looking for opportunities with new clients is important. But it is far more essential for any firm to assess the clients it has, define the clients it wants and foc[...]

Aug 13, 2010

‘Work ’til you drop’ is not a succession plan

By ED POLL, Special to Lawyers Weekly [email protected] The simple fact is that a lawyer who is a sole practitioner owns a family business – the law practice. And studies regularly document that small business owners do not plan well for the future of their businesses. A survey several years ago by the Family Firm […]

Jul 30, 2010

Figure the rent that’s right for you

I recently advised a very bright lawyer who was having difficulty with the math of seeking new office quarters. He wanted to understand the interplay between basic rent, common-area charges (charges for maintenance, taxes, etc. that the landlord assesses at the end of each lease year to cover the cost of operating the building [...]

Jun 28, 2010

Coach’s Corner: Making all the right (lateral) moves

Even as firms were laying off and otherwise letting go of associates and partners during the Great Recession, they were also hiring laterals from other firms. In fact, one major legal industry publication reported that lateral hiring at the country’s 200 largest law firms was at a record high in 2009. The firms apparently saw […]

Jun 21, 2010

Leisure time: At a conference or removed from everything law-related, attorneys schedule summer relaxation

North Carolina attorneys say they try to leave the job behind them when they go on vacation. But sometimes when they fight the law, the law wins. Lawyers find themselves calling time-out on time off as client emergencies pop up and e-mails keep sailing into their inboxes. And then there’s the lure of a convenient […]

Jun 21, 2010

Tried & Proven: Staff should play key role in tough times

Many law firms are still trying to recover from the economic chaos of recent years. Others are in the midst of different challenges. They may be defending against allegations of ethical violations or malpractice, in shock and grieving over the unexpected death of a co-worker, or trying to stabilize after the departure of key employees […]

Jun 21, 2010

Coach’s Corner: There’s more than one way to add a lawyer to your firm

A coaching client recently asked for help with a dilemma. He had the opportunity to enhance the profitability of his practice by adding the services of a lawyer who focused in a very specialized field of health law. The problem was how best to add these services: by direct hiring or through a contract arrangement? […]

Jun 14, 2010

Guest Commentary: Cloud computing — If the sky's the limit, what's not to like?

Simply stated, cloud computing is Internet-based computing. Shared software and information are provided to customers on demand. I recently heard a great explanation on a radio program during which the reporter responded to the question, “What is cloud computing?” by saying: “Just think of warehouses all over the world filled with servers on which information […]

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