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Class Action

Sep 1, 2023

Burger King, others face lawsuits over food ads

Food ads have long made their subjects look bigger, juicier and crispier than they are in real life. But some consumers say those mouthwatering ads can cross the line into deception, and that's leading to a growing number of lawsuits. Burger King is the latest company in the crosshairs. In August, a federal judge in Florida refused to dismiss a class action lawsuit that claims Burger King's ads ov[...]

Mar 31, 2022

4th Circuit makes new law on class objectors 

A district court properly approved the settlement of a long-running class action lawsuit brought by life insurance policyholders, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled, rejecting the objection by a single policyholder and laying down for the first time clear rules about who bears what burdens when a class member objects to a […]

Nov 10, 2020

Carolina Beach settles facilities claim for $850K

  The town of Carolina Beach has settled a class action claim that it illegally charged builders water and sewer fees for $850,000, the plaintiffs’ attorney reports. Hunter Bryson of Whitfield Bryson in Raleigh said that the settlement affects about 110 developers and individual home builders who filed the lawsuit following a 2016 North Carolina […]

Jan 29, 2020

Town pays developers $7.95M to settle suit

The Town of Holly Springs has paid nearly $8 million to settle a water and sewer impact fee lawsuit filed by developers, the first class-action settlement of its kind in the state since the North Carolina Supreme Court ruled in 2016 that charging impact feels as a precondition for receiving water and sewer services is […]

Jul 17, 2019

N.C. attorneys score big win with U.S. Supreme Court 

A narrowly divided U.S. Supreme Court has handed down a major win for consumers who file class action lawsuits, making it more difficult for defendants to have their cases removed from state courts to federal courts. Now, in a way, it’s back to square one for Rashad Blossom of Blossom Law in Charlotte and Dan […]

Apr 2, 2019

A certifiable trend: Why class actions are on the rise locally and nationally

  The number of class action lawsuits is increasing both nationally and in the Carolinas, according to recent research and law firms in both states. Jim Werner, of Parker Poe in Columbia, South Carolina, said his firm has seen “more than four years of steady increase in the number of purported class actions that get […]

Jan 2, 2019

Hepatitis at Hardees lawsuit settles for $246K

  The restaurant chain Hardee’s has settled a class-action lawsuit stemming from an incident in which an employee who prepared food at a Charlotte location had Hepatitis A—leading to about 3,000 customers needing vaccinations—for $246,000, the plaintiffs’ attorneys report. Earlier this year, the Mecklenburg County Health Department warned that anyone who ate at the Hardee’s [&hellip[...]

May 21, 2018

Money promised for losses in Outer Banks power outage

SALVO (AP) Attorneys say checks are coming to people who suffered financial losses from an eight-day power outage on the Outer Banks last summer. Attorney Dennis Rose told about 15 people at a meeting in Salvo last week that claims are being paid now. The money is part of a $10 million settlement reached in […]

May 10, 2018

OBX power outage class action settles for $10.35M

Businesses that were devastated by the nine-day power outage that plunged the Outer Banks into darkness last summer will be able to collect restitution in time for this year’s tourist season after a federal judge gave preliminary approval to a $10.35 million class action settlement. The law firms of Whitfield Bryson & Mason in Raleigh, […]

Apr 27, 2018

Class action moot after collection efforts dropped

  A former patient at Moses Cone Hospital who claims that he was charged inflated prices for medical services will not be able to file a class action lawsuit against the hospital now that it has dropped its efforts to collect payment from him, the North Carolina Court of Appeals has ruled. Christopher Chambers received […]

Apr 18, 2018

Civil Practice – Class Action – Mootness – Uninsured Hospital Patient – Collection Claim Dismissed

Plaintiff’s complaint seeks a declaratory judgment that the defendant-hospital’s “Patient Consent” form, obligating a patient to pay the hospital “in accordance with the regular rates and terms” applicable at the time of the patient’s treatment, entitled the hospital to no more than the reasonable value of the treatment or services provided. However, where the complaint’s […[...]

Mar 1, 2018

Tobacco coop settles class action for $24M

U.S. Tobacco Cooperative Inc. has reached a $24 million settlement with farmers and their heirs who brought a federal class action in an attempt to force the agricultural cooperative to distribute its reserves and be judicially dissolved. The suit followed the enactment of the Fair and Equitable Tobacco Reform Act in 2004, which ended the […]

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