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The attorney-client relationship 101

  The existence, terms and scope of an attorney-client relationship are generally straightforward and understood between the parties. There are times, however, when a miscommunication between attorney and client creates unintended consequences — such as fee disputes, lawsuits or ethics ...

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Guest Commentary: Lawyers operate in different universe from clients

In a recent conversation with two lawyer friends, we each commiserated that, despite the differences in each of our practices, clients often use us as a sounding board to vent their frustrations. (A not so cheap sounding board, I might add.) Recounting the meeting that had made him late to our gathering, one friend explained that he had come from an engagement that ran long due to a client just wanting to have his problem heard by someone who wasn't related to him and hadn't heard his gripe several times before.

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Tried & Proven: Five ways to reconnect with disgruntled clients

The best way to make clients happy isn't rocket science. We learned the answer back in kindergarten ... be kind to others, unselfish, helpful and respectful. In the legal profession, this translates into: showing compassion to all clients big and small; charging fair, reasonable and clearly explained fees; offering clear, legally sound and carefully analyzed advice; and showing plain, old fashion respect for others. Some attorneys tend to forget one or more of these simple basics of excellent client service, causing many of their clients to become frustrated, confused and often beyond angry. To change such feelings is not easy. In fact, turning a fed-up client into a satisfied

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What I’ve Learned About Life On The Way To The Courthouse: What I learned from the dog and the skunk

One of the most valuable lessons I learned about being a lawyer I learned before I started law school. I worked as a runner for a law firm in college. The firm was a prominent, old-line firm with a good book of business, and it had some high-powered lawyers to take care of that business. One of the lawyers was particularly bright, and well regarded for his intellect. He had graduated No. 1 in his class at a top 10 law school. And he had the ego to go along with it.

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To plan your revenue, plan your clients

Law firms seem compelled to focus marketing time and resources on where the money is not - constantly dispatching teams to give new business pitches for a wide variety of prospective clients, most of whom will not pan out. Certainly looking for opportunities with new clients is important. But it is far more essential for any firm to assess the clients it has, define the clients it wants and focus revenue generation on the optimum combination of the two.

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