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cloud computing

Sep 18, 2019

In 2019, lawyers are using mobile and cloud computing more than ever

A little over a decade ago, the mobile revolution was launched when the iPhone was released in 2007. Just one year earlier, Amazon rolled out its first cloud computing service: Amazon EC2. Now, in 2019, many of the most popular websites, including Netflix, Pinterest and Reddit, are run on cloud servers hosted by Amazon Web […]

Jun 14, 2013

Another ethics opinion, another OK for cloud computing

In March, Virginia joined the growing number of jurisdictions that have addressed the ethical issues presented by lawyers who use cloud computing in their practices and/or practice law from a virtual office. Why are so many ethics committees suddenly addressing these issues? Well, it’s because lawyers are increasingly using cloud computing platforms in their law practices and opening up virtual [...]

Jul 29, 2011

Hey, you! Get off my cloud: How to vet your cloud provider for security

Cloud-computing has become so convenient for lawyers that security has almost become an after-thought. But the cloud recently rained down a flurry of concern about security and client confidentiality when users of the popular provider Drop Box learned that a security breach allowed access without a password for a period of four hours. When the company revised its security agreement to say that [...]

Mar 4, 2011

Legal Currents: LegalTech NY 2011, rise of cloud computing

Last month, along with thousands of others, I attended LegalTech New York in Manhattan. This annual conference is sponsored by American Lawyer Media with the goal of helping lawyers, law firms and their staff learn about the latest advances in legal-related technology. E-discovery and related issues are always a big focus at this conference. However, in recent years, seminars addressing both socia[...]

Jun 14, 2010

Guest Commentary: Cloud computing — If the sky's the limit, what's not to like?

Simply stated, cloud computing is Internet-based computing. Shared software and information are provided to customers on demand. I recently heard a great explanation on a radio program during which the reporter responded to the question, “What is cloud computing?” by saying: “Just think of warehouses all over the world filled with servers on which information […]

May 5, 2010

Ethics committee OKs use of cloud computing, provides guidelines

Cloud-computing applications, or “software as a service,” are widely touted as being flexible, efficient and cost-cutting tools for managing a legal practice. But does a lawyer’s use of these web-based applications run the risk of compromising the privacy and security of client files in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct? That was the gist […]

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