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Corporate Merger

Jul 24, 2018

Attorneys – Fees – Corporate Merger – Supplemental Disclosures – Reduced Award

The claims in this challenge to a corporate merger could have been adequately and effectively prosecuted by North Carolina counsel experienced in complex litigation of this type. The materiality of the supplemental disclosures made as a result of this lawsuit is apparent but not so obvious as to justify an award at the highest end […]

Aug 23, 2017

Corporate – Merger – Escrow Account Dispute – Unfair Trade Practices – Commerce

Tillery Environmental LLC v. A&D Holdings, Inc. (Lawyers Weekly No. 020-074-17, 15 pp.) (Louis Bledsoe III, J.) 2017 NCBC 67 Holding: Plaintiff, a former stockholder in a pre-merger company, alleges that the defendant-successor entities have mismanaged the merged company and that defendants are now – 18 months post-merger – improperly attempting to strong-arm the pre-merger […]

Oct 28, 2015

Attorneys – Fee Award – Civil Practice – Class Action Settlement – Corporate Merger – Disclosures

In re Pike Corp. Shareholder Litigation (Lawyers Weekly No. 15-15-0997, 16 pp.) (James Gale, C.J.) 2015 NCBC 90 Holding: After the settlement of a consolidated class action and based on the recent ruling in Ehrenhaus v. Baker (Ehrenhaus II), Nos. COA14-1201, COA14-1083 (N.C. App. Sept. 15, 2015) (Lawyers Weekly No. 15-07-0884) and a reasonableness review, […]

Sep 10, 2014

Dollar General goes hostile in bid for rival

(AP) — Dollar General is going hostile with its $9.1 billion bid for Family Dollar after its rival repeatedly rejected previous offers. The discount chain has commenced an open offering to investors of Family Stores Dollar Inc. for $80 per share in cash, the same offer that was rejected last week by the company’s board. […]

Mar 6, 2012

Contract – Corporate Merger – Brothers’ Companies – Tort/Negligence – Fiduciary Duties

Olympus Managed Health Care, Inc. v. American Housecall Physicians, Inc. The parties’ early agreements – such as their letter of intent – all contemplated a formal merger agreement. The parties’ attorneys collected signatures and held them in escrow pending the scheduled closing. When plaintiffs postponed the merger the day before the scheduled closing, the merger agreement had [...]

Oct 6, 2011

Civil Practice – Class Action – Corporate Merger – Settlement – Standard of Review – First Impression — Attorneys’ Fees

Ehrenhaus v. Baker We adopt the “fairness, reasonableness and adequacy” standard for determining whether a class action settlement should be approved. We affirm the trial court’s approval of the class action settlement, but we reverse the award of attorneys’ fees and remand for additional findings.

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