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Labor & Employment – Disability Discrimination – Administrative Remedies – Exhaustion – Wheelchair (access required)

Sydnor v. Fairfax County, Va. A public health nurse who said her employer violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by not allowing her to use a wheelchair for her restrictions after foot surgery gets another chance to try her case, as the 4th Circuit says the district court erred in saying she had not exhausted her administrative remedies by mentioning light duty work but not a wheelchair in her EEOC complaint.

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Labor & Employment – FMLA – Disability Discrimination – Tort/Negligence – Public Policy – Emotional Distress (access required)

Satterwhite v. Wal-Mart Stores East, L.P. N.C. courts have not recognized a public policy exception to the at-will employment rule based on a violation of the Family and Medical Leave Act. Plaintiff has failed to state a claim for wrongful discharge in violation of public policy.

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Federal or state? Employment lawyers have strong preferences on venue (access required)

An attorney with an employment-discrimination case will most likely take the case to the nearest county courthouse to be heard by a state judge. But just as likely, the defense counsel for the employer will have it removed to federal ...

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