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Driver's License

May 8, 2023

N. Carolina driver license requirements for youths changing

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The mandatory supervised driving period in North Carolina for young people before they can drive by themselves will be scaled back permanently after Gov. Roy Cooper said on Friday he’ll let a bill become law without his signature. The General Assembly sent Cooper last month legislation addressing in part when a […]

Mar 3, 2022

Settlement over N.C. driver license revocations OK’d

RALEIGH (AP) — A federal judge has approved an agreement designed to help tens of thousands of North Carolina residents whose driver’s licenses are revoked only because they can’t afford to pay traffic fines and court costs know they can get their driving privileges restored. The settlement signed by U.S. District Judge Thomas Schroeder and disclosed […]

Aug 28, 2020

Pender, New Hanover Co. restore 1000s of drivers’ licenses

New Hanover and Pender counties have wiped the slate clean for thousands of people who had their drivers’ licenses suspended because of unpaid traffic court courts and fines. Judge Richard Russell Davis said in an Aug. 26 order that “the proper administration of justice” required that fines and fees in 5,409 traffic cases in New […]

Apr 18, 2019

State confronts high rate of driver’s license revocation

  About one in seven drivers in North Carolina have lost their licenses due to a failure to appear in court or for failing to pay court costs, fines or fees, according to a study published in March. The study, written by Duke University School of Law professor Brandon Garrett and Duke researcher William Crozier, […]

May 31, 2018

Lawsuit: The poor shouldn’t lose licenses over traffic fines

RALEIGH (AP) Because he can’t pay $228 in traffic fines, Seti Johnson faces revocation of his North Carolina’s driver’s license, which means he won’t be able to drive to the job he hopes to get soon. For Sharee Smoot, the amount keeping her off the road is $648. In a federal lawsuit filed May 30, […]

Nov 6, 2013

State’s effort to create high-tech license falters

North Carolina is poised to cancel a contract with a company that promised three years ago to create high-tech driver's licenses but officials have said failed to deliver.

Jun 29, 2011

Administrative – Driver’s License – Revocation – Criminal Practice – DWI

Neilon v. Commissioner of Motor Vehicles Even though no one saw petitioner in the driver’s seat, the investigating officer had reasonable grounds to arrest petitioner for driving while impaired based on the following evidence: A vehicle titled in petitioner’s name had run “off the road and struck two small trees.” At the time that Officer Hall approached, he observed petitioner si[...]

Oct 12, 2010

Administrative – Driver’s License – Revocation – Criminal Practice – Intoxilyzer – Failure to Provide Breath Sample

  Steinkrause v. Tatum. (Lawyers Weekly No. 10-06-0986, 1 p.) (Per Curiam) Appealed from Wake County Superior Court. (Orlando F. Hudson Jr., J.) On appeal from the N.C. Court of Appeals. N.C. S. Ct. Click here for the full text of the opinion. Holding: Where our Court of Appeals upheld the revocation of petitioner’s driver’s […]

Aug 13, 2010

Administrative – Driver’s License – Revocation Hearing – Criminal Practice – DWI Pending – Due Process – Refusal to Provide Sample

Guzman v. Gore. (Lawyers Weekly No. 10-16-0777, 12 pp.) (Barbara Jackson, J.) Appealed from Stokes County Superior Court. (Anderson D. Cromer, J.) N.C. App. Unpub. Holding: Petitioner’s DWI case was still pending when the DMV held its hearing to determine whether to revoke petitioner’s driver’s license for refusal to provide a breathalyzer sample, and petitioner, […]

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