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Apr 29, 2011

Can non-lawyers own a law firm?

By ED POLL, Special to Lawyers Weekly [email protected] Given that Model Rule 5.4 prohibits firms from selling equity shares in law firms to non-lawyers by stating that a lawyer shall not share legal fees with a non-lawyer, the answer to our title question has always been a clear no. Now, however, there are more reasons […]

Mar 25, 2011

Coach’s Corner: ‘They can’t replace ME with a computer’

We have frequently written about how computer technology is a two-edged sword that can offer cost-efficient advantages to the law firm that leverages it, or can be the death knell to the law firm that does not keep pace. Nowhere was this duality been better illustrated than in a recent story in The New York Times. Its headline alone should give any member of the profession pause: "Armies of Expens[...]

Feb 4, 2011

Coach’s Corner: The power to regulate is the (potential) power to destroy

Many lawyers and law firm marketers have sounded alarms that the American Bar Association's Commission on Ethics 20/20 is examining legal ethics issues arising from lawyers' use of Internet-based client development tools. Those tools encompass a wide range of now common marketing tactics: online social networking (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), blogging, discussion forums (listservs) and website[...]

Nov 5, 2010

Lateral Hires: Will You Get What You Pay For?

By ED POLL, Special to Lawyers Weekly [email protected]  In a column several months ago, we discussed how lateral hiring of lawyers at large firms is at record highs despite the weak legal marketplace. A primary reason is that firms want to buy a book of ready-made business that will come with the lawyer to his […]

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