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Judicial hopefuls meet for second forum; 13 candidates for Wynn seat to meet later (access required)

Former Supreme Court Justice Willis Whichard, who moderated yesterday's judicial forum in Raleigh, asked Judge Rick Elmore and his opponent Steven Walker (pictured) about diversity on the court. "I think we need some young people," said Walker, 30. He pointed out that the state has had a dozen Court of Appeals judges in their 30s, and it would "not be a travesty to make it 13."

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Not so quick: Instant runoff requires preparation (access required)

For the voters, it might be as easy as one, two, three. For election officials, not so much. The new instant-runoff system that will be used in what has been referred to as a free-for-all race for the Court of Appeals seat vacated by Judge James Wynn is still under development at the state Board of Elections. No fewer than 13 candidates signed up during a one-week filing period after Wynn was confirmed to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and elections officials are facing a unique challenge as they put together a system to use the instant-runoff vote statewide for the first time.

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Winston-Salem event starts discussion for appellate court races (access required)

Constitutional interpretation, judicial elections and contributory negligence were on the table - along with pitchers of ice water - as eight appellate court candidates gathered in Winston-Salem at a judicial forum that served as an unofficial kickoff of the campaign season. The event, sponsored by the Federalist Society, brought together seven candidates for the Court of Appeals and one candidate running for a vacant seat on the Supreme Court.

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Appeals court contest brings rare endorsement from ex-justices

The yard signs aren't up yet. But the websites are up and running as candidates for North Carolina's appellate courts put together their - as usual - low-key campaigns. The November ballot will feature one contested Supreme Court seat and three incumbent Court of Appeals judges fighting to keep their spots. But one race in particular is drawing more attention than usual - a Court of Appeals battle pitting a sitting judge against a 2005 law school graduate who has never practiced law.

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