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E-filing going nowhere fast (access required)


The future of an ambitious electronic-filing program that was supposed to modernize North Carolina’s courts seems to be growing grimmer by the year. Hardly any lawyers are filing court documents electronically and there are no plans to expand e-filing beyond the three counties that began testing the system in 2009.

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The Achilles heel of e-records (access required)

In a decision likely to add to the legal woes of beleaguered brokerage firm Morgan Keegan, the North Carolina Court of Appeals upheld a ruling by the state’s Business Court that the firm had failed to establish the existence of an investor’s arbitration agreement. As a result, and barring a reversal on further appeal, the case will proceed to a jury trial. The decision in Capps v. Blondeau is significant for other Morgan Keegan investors, who have largely had to confine their claims to arbitration before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), with mixed results. It may also have larger implications as it calls into question Morgan Keegan’s record-keeping and document retention practices – which may be common at other brokerage firms.

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Superior Court electronic filing program stalls   (access required)

The effort to bring a modern electronic filing system to every Superior Court in North Carolina started off with a bang but has quietly fizzled in the two years since its inception. The momentum behind the project stalled shortly after it was launched in 2009, when the N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts started its electronic filing pilot project in Chowan, Davidson and Wake counties. AOC officials predicted at the time of the launch that the project could be rolled out statewide as early as 2010. But the project still has not expanded beyond the original three counties. “Of course, at first there were high hopes that this was the beginning of electronic filing in North Carolina,” said Wake County Clerk of Superior Court Lorrin Freeman (pictured with assistant clerk Tasha O'Neal). “Since then, the court’s budget has been cut in three successive legislative cycles and any expansion on the pilot project has been put on hold.”

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Johnston County ROD first to offer 100% e-filing capability (access required)

The electronic-filing train has left the station and is coming to a register of deeds near you, says Raleigh attorney Richard Bowlin. Bowlin operates Electronic Document Logistics, a company he started several years ago that has created software that allows for the electronic creation of documents and solutions for electronic recording of documents in North Carolina counties. EDL is one of several companies that have contracted with county registrars and private entities to provide electronic recording capabilities.

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