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Armed and dangerous (access required)


A divided panel from the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last February held in U.S. v. Shaquille Robinson that just because an individual is armed, “in and of itself,” that does not provide an objective indication of danger and ...

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Criminal Practice – Jury & Jurors — Batson Challenge – Unemployed Venirepersons – Prior Domestic Violence Case (access required)

State v. James Even though the prosecutor accepted an unemployed white juror while peremptorily challenging an unemployed black juror, (1) the unemployed black juror had also previously been involved in domestic violence, (2) the prosecutor had previously been in charge of prosecuting domestic violence cases, and (3) the prosecutor thought she recognized the juror’s name.

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Criminal Practice – Motion for Appropriate Relief – Felon’s Possession of Firearms – Multiple Convictions – Pre-Garris – Prospective Application – Constitutional – Double Jeopardy – Waiver (access required)

State v. Harwood When this court decided State v. Garris, 191 N.C. App. 276, 663 S.E.2d 340, disc. review denied, 362 N.C. 684, 670 S.E.2d 907 (2008), we decided an issue of first impression: A convicted felon can be convicted of only one violation of G.S. § 14-415.1(a) for the possession of multiple firearms on a single occasion

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