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Social media

Seeking to mitigate the negative publicity swirling around his client ahead of a murder trial, defense attorney Charles Grose asked a judge to expand a gag order to include the victim’s mother, other members of her family and all their online supporters.

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Labor & Employment – Public Employees – Constitutional – Free Speech – Police – Corruption Complaint – Tort/Negligence – Wrongful Termination (access required)

Hunter v. Town of Mocksville Although the plaintiff-police officers have made a sufficient showing that their First Amendment rights were violated when they were fired after reporting suspected corruption in the Mocksville Police Department, they have not shown that their right to make the report was clearly established at the time they were fired

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Civil Practice – Under Seal – First Amendment – Personnel Information (access required)

Robinson v. Bowser The interest of protecting the privacy of non-parties to this action outweighs the First Amendment right of access to certain materials included in or with the Parties’ summary judgment filings. However, because Plaintiff made her own personnel information a matter of public concern by bringing this action, because said information appears critical to resolution of this case, and because Plaintiff has failed to articulate any specific harm that might result from the disclosure of that information, Plaintiff’s desire to keep said information from the public’s view does not outweigh the public’s First Amendment right of access.

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