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Mar 18, 2011

High court kills anti-bias measure, won’t say why

By SYLVIA ADCOCK, Staff Writer [email protected]   An amendment to the Rules of Professional Conduct that said lawyers should not discriminate has been rejected without comment by the N.C. Supreme Court. The move by the justices in an administrative meeting means the issue – which the State Bar hotly debated for nearly two years – […]

Dec 23, 2010

Ex-same-sex partner not a parent but keeps joint custody

By PAUL THARP, Staff Writer [email protected]   To this day, Wilmington attorney James Lea III doesn’t know the underlying motive for Melissa Jarrell’s legal attempts to unwind the adoption of her biological son by her former partner Julia C. Boseman. “I don’t know what the basis of it is from Jarrell’s standpoint,” Lea told Lawyers Weekly. [&he[...]

Nov 12, 2010

Conservatives hope for gay marriage ban in NC

RALEIGH (AP) – The economy dominated the fall campaign, but leaders among North Carolina’s social conservatives believe the Republican sweep at the Legislature should finally permit a vote on a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. North Carolina is the only state in the Southeast that hasn’t approved an amendment restricting marriage to one […]

Aug 11, 2010

Gay lawyers say North Carolina’s climate is better but not perfect

Dan Ellison (pictured) graduated from UNC Law School in 1984 with the same anxiety about passing the bar exam that all lawyers-to-be face at the beginning of their careers. But it wasn't just a commonplace case of the nerves for him. On the contrary, he faced a worry that an unknown number of his classmates might have faced at the same time - whether being gay would affect his ability to bec[...]

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