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Banks & Banking – Tort/Negligence – FIRREA – Corporate – Officer & Director Liability – Gross Negligence – Business Judgment Rule (access required)

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. v. Willetts Plaintiff alleges that the defendant-officers and directors of Cooperative Bank permitted a lax loan approval process, that state and federal regulators repeatedly warned defendants about risks associated with a high concentration in speculative loans, and that defendants continued to focus on real estate lending after 2007 when they should have known that the real estate market was slowing. Plaintiff has sufficiently alleged gross negligence; furthermore, it is too early in this action to determine whether the business judgment rule will protect defendants from claims of ordinary negligence.

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Tort/Negligence – Gross Negligence – Sovereign Immunity – Public Official Immunity (access required)

Lunsford v. Renn. The plaintiff failed to forecast evidence sufficient to raise a genuine issue of material fact that a police officer pursuing a driver who struck and killed two people acted with a reckless indifference to the safety of the public. The officer was entitled to public official immunity. A town did not waive its governmental immunity by purchasing an insurance policy.

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