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Man loses poison-snake collection

HENDERSONVILLE (AP) — A Henderson County man is losing his exotic reptile collection worth nearly $50,000 after law officers found dozens of venomous lizards and snakes stashed in a western North Carolina mobile home. Fifty-one-year-old Walter Kidd of Hendersonville pleaded ...

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Domestic Relations – Child Custody – Visitation – Grandmother’s Fitness – Changed Circumstances

Slawek v. Slawek. Over eight years, the intervenor-maternal grandmother has attempted to gain custody of the minor children, leaving the children anxious and insecure. The grandmother's worsening relationship with the children's father, her hiring of a private detective to investigate the father, and her attempts to indoctrinate the children into her religion and to pull them away from their own all contributed to the children's anxiety and insecurity. We affirm the trial court's finding of a change in circumstances and its conclusion that the grandmother is not a fit and proper person to have visitation with the children.

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