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Criminal Practice – Second-Degree Murder – High-Speed Chase – Evidence – Shoplifting Spree – Malice — Driving Without a License – Post-Accident Conduct – Jury Instructions

State v. Rollins Defendant had been shoplifting before the high-speed chase that ended in a fatal crash. Evidence of the shoplifting spree was admissible to explain why defendant was trying so aggressively to evade the officers chasing him. The voluminous and organized nature of the shoplifting expedition explained why defendant was driving in the manner that he was for purposes of the malice element of second-degree murder.

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Criminal Practice – Second Degree Murder – High Speed Chase – Responding Officer – Weapon Possession

State v. Pierce An officer was on his way to join a high speed chase of defendant when he swerved to avoid debris in the road, lost control of his vehicle, and died after his vehicle went over the median and hit trees. Defendant’s flight from police showed malice, and the death of a police officer driving to join the pursuit was foreseeable.

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