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hog farms

Feb 21, 2022

AG’s deal over hog farm fines blessed again 

An appeals court erred when it allowed a party to amend its complaint to assert violations of a law that wasn’t in existence when the initial complaint was filed, the North Carolina Supreme Court has unanimously ruled, reversing a divided appellate panel decision in a case involving payments to the state.  In 2000, then-Attorney General […]

Apr 9, 2020

AG’s swine farm pact upheld

  Payments made pursuant to an agreement between North Carolina’s Attorney General and a company whose swine farms were responsible for polluting the state’s waterways didn’t constitute “penalties” and therefore didn’t need to be turned over to the state’s Civil Penalty and Forfeiture Fund, the North Carolina Supreme Court has ruled. After a five-year period […]

Nov 1, 2018

Smithfield to cover most hog waste pools in North Carolina

The world’s largest pork producer says it plans to install covers over pig waste lagoons at most of its North Carolina hog farms. WRAL-TV reports Smithfield Foods also says in a Thursday statement it would install new “low trajectory” tools to spread hog waste on nearby fields, replacing the sprinklers some neighbors complain spray feces […]

Aug 6, 2018

Activists float dialogue over hog farm nuisance lawsuits

WARSAW (AP) Activists in the heart of North Carolina’s pork country say contract hog farmers and their neighbors should start talking about solutions. The Herald-Sun of Durham reported that community organizers in Duplin County called for dialogue Aug. 4 after a federal jury again decided pork giant Smithfield Foods is responsible for millions in damages linked to industrial-scale [&helli[...]

Jul 10, 2018

Forest, Troxler visit eastern NC to warn about hog farm lawsuits

BEULAVILLE (AP) Republican politicians are heading to an eastern North Carolina farm to talk about why they’re worried litigation involving hog farms could harm the state’s economy. A top GOP legislator says Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, state Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler and other lawmakers plan to attend a news conference July 10 at a Duplin County […]

Jun 28, 2018

NC protects pork producers against nuisance complaints

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina lawmakers are making it harder for neighbors of agribusinesses to file complaints about smells and other nuisances. Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed the wide-ranging farm bill, which contains language sought by pork producers after numerous lawsuits. The Senate overrode the veto on June 26; the House did so the […]

Jun 8, 2018

NC Senate backs limits to law that allowed $51M pork verdict

RALEIGH (AP) Senators in the country’s No. 2 hog-growing state sought June 7 to further shield industrial-scale hog operations from lawsuits by neighbors who have long complained that open-air animal waste pits comparable to city sewage plants frustrate their daily lives. North Carolina’s Senate tentatively approved legislation to make it more difficult to successfully file […]

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