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Elon clinic aims to help refugees and asylees stay here

This year, more than 2,700 refugees arrived in North Carolina seeking a new start in life. On New Year's Day, those in the Triad will find a new agency to help them do it. The Elon University School of Law has established the Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic, which will provide free legal services to refugees and those seeking asylum in the state. Its doors open Jan. 1. According to Greensboro immigration attorney Gerard Chapman, the timing for the clinic's opening couldn't be better.

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Cuisine Bourgeoise: Toward a new nativism

If voting for everyone becomes the norm in a hundred years, or a thousand, or whenever, people will look back at things we said today and say we were intolerant. Mitch Kokai of the John Locke Foundation told WTVD that allowing city of Durham officials and police to accept the Matrícula Consular card as legal identification was a backdoor way of letting illegal immigrants vote. Why can't illegal immigrants vote? Why can't noncitizens and foreigners vote?

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The myth of the anchor baby … and other immigration concepts that all attorneys need to know

"Those of us who practice immigration law are used to seeing eyes glaze over whenever we discuss our craft. This reaction comes as often from other attorneys as from the general public. Our statutes and regulations are exhausting, and our acronyms are annoying. We get it. These days, however, immigration law is hard for anyone to ignore. The recent enactment of Arizona's controversial SB 1070 brought the debate back from the near-dead," Raleigh lawyer Amanda Mason (pictured) writes.

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