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Criminal Practice – Tax Evasion – Evidence – Trusting Nature – First Impression — Dangerous Anti-Tax Groups (access required)

State v. Tatum-Wade : Where defendant was charged with willful income tax evasion, the trial court should have allowed a witness to testify about defendant’s trusting nature. However, the exclusion of Dr. Yardley Hunter’s proffered testimony did not prejudice defendant since the testimony of several witnesses indicated that defendant genuinely believed she was exempt from paying income tax. Moreover, Dr. Hunter’s proffered testimony included the statement, “She’s not gullible,” which could have had the effect of diminishing, rather than enhancing, defendant’s defense.

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Cuisine Bourgeoise: In re: Justice, Mecklenburg style

I'm no expert, but the ol' law degree, etc., is supposed to confer a better understanding of the law and legal procedure than what our profession calls the laity, a wholly inappropriate name, I believe, for Jane and John Doe. When it comes to trying to explain what justice is, why, I'm just as clueless as Jane and John, and rightfully.

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