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Federal prosecutors rebut Edwards’ motion to dismiss case (access required)

RALEIGH (AP) — Prosecutors seeking to try John Edwards for campaign finance violations have filed a stack of motions rebutting the former presidential candidate’s contention that the case against him is fundamentally flawed. Lawyers for Edwards filed five motions last month asking a federal judge to dismiss all six felony and misdemeanor counts, arguing that case is the work of a partisan Republican prosecutor bent on taking down a big-name Democrat. In motions filed last week, prosecutors ridiculed Edwards’ arguments as baseless and ignorant of the law.

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John Edwards’ lawyers ask judge to toss charges (access required)

Lawyers for John Edwards asked a federal judge last week to throw out criminal charges against the former Democratic presidential candidate. Edwards’ defense team filed five motions saying that federal prosecutors violated his rights under several constitutional amendments. The lawyers argue that the federal indictment against him was unconstitutionally vague and that the charges were pursued by a partisan prosecutor for political gain. They also contend that even if all the facts alleged in the federal indictment were true, he still didn’t commit a crime.

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Can John Edwards resist becoming a “fool client”?  (access required)

Following his indictment in June, former U.S. Senator John Edwards stood and listened as the judge explained his rights. But as the judge went on Edwards interrupted saying he was an attorney and the explanation wasn’t necessary. That exchange in the federal courthouse in Winston-Salem may have been the first flicker of the legal tension that will run through Edwards’ upcoming trial on charges of violating campaign finance laws. It’s a case in which the defendant is also an attorney, and a very good one. What will be the dynamic between Edwards and his defense team? How much will he steer the case and how much will he defer?

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