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Civil Practice – Appeals – Dismissal – Moot – Partial Summary Judgment – Jury Verdict – Directed Verdict Motion – Grounds (access required)

Johnson v. Opsitnick The trial court found at the summary judgment stage that the parties’ prior settlement agreement did not relieve defendants of the obligation of paying a $40,777.63 promissory note. Defendants’ appeal of this ruling was rendered moot when the jury found that defendants took advantage of a position of trust and confidence to induce plaintiff to enter into the settlement agreement so as to void that agreement. Since the settlement agreement is void, the issue of whether it relieved defendants of the obligation of paying the promissory note is now moot.

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Jury awards woman who lost two fingers in wreck $4.275 million  (access required)

In this economic climate, even a seasoned lawyer like Earl Taylor worries whether a jury will respond to a really good case. In the case of Rebecca Batchelor, Taylor discovered it will. A Wilson County jury awarded Batchelor $4 million after a June trial. Superior Court Judge Clifton W. Everett Jr. entered a judgment in that amount on June 27.

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Stock dispute nets plaintiff $1.1 million jury verdict  (access required)

Randolph James (pictured) was hired six weeks before trial in Barbara Wortley’s suit against Law Enforcement Associates, Inc. Wortley had a feeling the deck was stacked against her in Wake County. Former state Sen. Tony Rand was chairman of the board of LEA. He is the father of Ripley Rand, a former Wake County judge and now U.S. Attorney for the Middle District. Furthermore, Tony Rand is also Wake County Judge Shannon Joseph’s father-in-law. James said that although Rand made several appearances during the trial, any feeling Wortley had that she wouldn’t get a fair shake were laid to rest by the conduct of proceedings before Superior Court Judge Carl Fox. “We received a very fair, even-handed trial,” James said.

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