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Case on Miranda warnings in schools goes to highest court (access required)

A case out of North Carolina about to go before the U.S. Supreme Court could set a precedent on whether a juvenile's age should be considered in a Miranda custody analysis. Marsha Levick (pictured), deputy director and chief counsel of the Philadelphia-based Juvenile Justice Center, said that although the question before the court is limited to age, her organization was also interested in the fact that the case involved an interrogation on school property. Levick said it was important to raise the issue of the school setting to help give the justices a context in which to view the case.

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Criminal Practice – Juvenile – Miranda & Statutory Warnings – Custodial Interrogation – School Principal & Resource Officer (access required)

In re K.D.L. A 12-year-old boy's rights were violated when he was suspected of owning a bag of marijuana found in a classroom, he was questioned by the principal for six hours - most of that time in the presence of the school resource officer - and he was never warned of his Miranda or statutory juvenile rights. We reverse the trial court's denial of the juvenile's motion to suppress his statements. We vacate the adjudication of delinquency and remand for further proceedings.

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