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Senator urges more transparency on law school employment data

A high-profile voice has joined the call for the American Bar Association to change its rules for how law schools report employment and salary data to prospective students - a push for transparency that North Carolina educators welcome, especially given the increasing recognition that schools nationwide are fudging statistics to elevate their rankings. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., sent a letter to ABA President Stephen Zack on March 31 seeking a "detailed summary" of the organization's plans to implement reforms.

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NC Central law in top 10 for accepted students who enroll

North Carolina Central University School of Law has been named one of the nation's 10 "most popular" law schools in a ranking released by U.S. News & World Report last week. The listing is based on an analysis of admission yield - the percentage of students accepted by a school who choose to enroll. In the rankings compiled for 2010, Central's law school placed ninth, with a yield of 49.6 percent; of 415 applicants accepted by the school, 206 subsequently enrolled. "We were honored to receive the recognition," said Raymond Pierce, dean of the law school.

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February bar exam pass rate up 3% over 2010

The ranks of North Carolina's attorneys swelled by 254 this month as the results of the mid-year bar exam given in February were announced. A total of 426 would-be N.C. lawyers took the test, with 59.6 percent passing, an increase over last year's passing rate of 56.3 percent on the mid-year exam. As is often the case, the first-timers did better, with repeat takers having a lesser chance of succeeding.

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Elon clinic aims to help refugees and asylees stay here

This year, more than 2,700 refugees arrived in North Carolina seeking a new start in life. On New Year's Day, those in the Triad will find a new agency to help them do it. The Elon University School of Law has established the Humanitarian Immigration Law Clinic, which will provide free legal services to refugees and those seeking asylum in the state. Its doors open Jan. 1. According to Greensboro immigration attorney Gerard Chapman, the timing for the clinic's opening couldn't be better.

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