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Legal Currents: LegalTech NY 2011, rise of cloud computing

Last month, along with thousands of others, I attended LegalTech New York in Manhattan. This annual conference is sponsored by American Lawyer Media with the goal of helping lawyers, law firms and their staff learn about the latest advances in legal-related technology. E-discovery and related issues are always a big focus at this conference. However, in recent years, seminars addressing both social media and cloud computing issues have become increasingly prevalent.

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Law Tech Talk: Social media for women lawyers

Social media can be a powerful rainmaking tool for women lawyers because social media plays to their professional strengths. Studies have shown that women lawyers are reluctant to promote their accomplishments and for that reason, social media is a great fit for women attorneys. It allows them to demonstrate their substantive knowledge without having to brazenly promote themselves. Women also excel at communicating and collaborating, traits that social networking facilitates and rewards.

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Law Tech Talk: Making social media work for large firms

I've been giving a lot of thought to how Big Law can effectively use social media ever since I spoke at King & Spalding's Atlanta office in mid-August. During my presentation on social media, a member of the audience asked if I was aware of any large law firms that were using social media well. No single firm stood out in my mind, and for good reason.

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Lawyers, make social media work for you (access required)

Social media is the latest and greatest thing. Lately, it seems like everyone is talking about it - in fact some people rave about its potential as a business tool. But does it really make sense for lawyers, who provide professional services, as opposed to companies that sell products or consumer-oriented services, such as auto repair?

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