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Criminal Practice – Armed Robbery & Assault – Lawn Chair as Weapon – Blood Stains – Lay Testimony (access required)

State v. Mills Although no one saw what the victim was assaulted with, (1) the victim testified that he was struck by something other than a fist; (2) the investigating officer testified that a lawn chair was next to the driveway where the attack took place; (3) the officer also testified that blood was found on the chair, in the driveway, and on the victim’s face; and (4) the owner of the chair testified that the chair was bent and bloody the morning after the assault but the chair was not bent or bloody the night before. This evidence is enough for a reasonable person to conclude that the victim was attacked with the lawn chair.

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Criminal Practice – Evidence – Other Wrongs – Complete Story Exception – Lay Testimony – Police Officer – Stolen Items & Blood (access required)

State v. Howard Even though defendant was tried for robbing a hotel guest at gunpoint, evidence of his other activities the same evening – stealing items from a store – was admissible to tell the complete story of the robbery. We find no error in defendant’s conviction of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

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Criminal Practice – Constitutional – Confrontation Right – Expert Chemist – Others’ Reports – Cocaine – Maintaining a Vehicle – Lay Testimony – Sentencing (access required)

State v. Craven. (Lawyers Weekly No. 10-07-0679, 17 pp.) (Wanda G. Bryant, J.) Appealed from Chatham County Superior Court. (Kenneth Titus, J.) N.C. App. Holding: Where the state’s expert chemist only reviewed the reports of other chemists with regard to ...

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