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Oct 26, 2023

New NC redistricting maps strengthen GOP

RALEIGH — The North Carolina General Assembly gave final approval Wednesday to new redistricting maps poised to empower the state GOP for years to come. Passage of the maps also marks a final achievement for Republican leaders in this year’s annual session that saw their priorities on abortion, LGBTQ+ and gun rights, voting rights and […]

Jul 18, 2023

North Carolina lawmakers stay out of Raleigh for another week as budget, overrides remain

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — The North Carolina General Assembly is delaying formal work for another week while budget negotiations and summer travel delay actions that Republicans want to accomplish before this year’s chief legislative session ends. Aides to House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate leader Phil Berger confirmed Monday that their respective chambers won’t take […]

Feb 26, 2020

N.C. justices asked to hear legislative session case

Plaintiffs challenging the constitutionality of a legislative session Republicans quickly called in 2016 to limit the power of Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper before he could take office now want the state’s highest court to hear their case. Lawyers for Common Cause and ten citizens filed an appeal petition with the state Supreme Court on Tuesday, […]

Jan 14, 2020

N.C. legislature back, with possible budget veto override vote

The North Carolina General Assembly is back briefly in Raleigh in early 2020 with Republicans and Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper facing the same impasse they had for most of 2019. The legislature prepared to gavel in at midday Tuesday for what’s expected to be a one-day session. Senate Republicans are prepared but not required to […]

Jul 19, 2016

Legislative session marked by unfinished work, abrupt departure

Legislatures are known as places where things move slowly, but North Carolina’s has shown an ability to do things in a real hurry when it chooses to. And when the objective is to end the year’s session and get out of town, it turns out legislators can move with an alacrity reminiscent of sprinters getting […]

Mar 20, 2015

Map Act under attack

A group of Republican state lawmakers are pushing legislation that would repeal the Map Act, a unique and controversial law that saves the state money on road projects but which opponents say devastates communities and causes homeowners heartache.

Feb 13, 2015

Large staffs in NC legislative leaders’ offices become norm

RALEIGH (AP) — As North Carolina’s population soars and annual sessions of the General Assembly often extend deep into the summer, larger staffs for the top lawmakers running the legislature have also become the norm. Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore counted over a dozen workers in each of their offices at […]

Aug 14, 2014

NC lawmakers returning to try to adjourn session

RALEIGH — Most of the North Carolina legislature is returning to Raleigh by week’s end to try to wrap up its three-month work session. The full Senate prepared to convene late Thursday to take up an adjournment resolution that likely will set out what legislation Republicans in the chamber want to consider later in the […]

May 15, 2014

NC General Assembly returns to work, as do GOP critics

RALEIGH — North Carolina lawmakers returned to work Wednesday, met by some interest groups calling for the GOP-controlled legislature to reverse course. “We are not in the middle of a Carolina comeback, we are in the middle of a Carolina setback,” said the Rev. William Barber, the head of the state conference of the National […]

Apr 21, 2014

NC legislators to issue report on food deserts

RALEIGH (AP) — A legislative committee plans to issue its recommendations on how to deal with food deserts, areas that have limited access to grocery stores. The News & Observer of Raleigh reported  the House Committee on Food Desert Zones plans to release recommendations Monday on how to help communities that lack grocery stores. The […]

Jan 27, 2014

Sanford lawyer to fill out state House term

A Sanford lawyer says he'll work for a higher minimum wage, improved health care access and increased public education spending as a new member of the North Carolina House.

Jun 24, 2013

NAACP protesters court cases delayed

Court cases have been delayed for the first round of protesters arrested in NAACP-led demonstrations at the North Carolina Legislature.

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