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She and her dog Velveeta are a pet therapy team (access required)

Connie J. Vetter is an attorney and mediator in Charlotte. The Illinois native focuses her practice on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender clients. Vetter graduated from Ohio State University and the Northeastern University School of Law. She is active in gay and lesbian causes and serves on the board of her neighborhood association.

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Gay lawyers say North Carolina’s climate is better but not perfect (access required)

Dan Ellison (pictured) graduated from UNC Law School in 1984 with the same anxiety about passing the bar exam that all lawyers-to-be face at the beginning of their careers. But it wasn't just a commonplace case of the nerves for him. On the contrary, he faced a worry that an unknown number of his classmates might have faced at the same time - whether being gay would affect his ability to become an attorney in North Carolina.

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