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Tort/Negligence – Wrongful Death – Motorcycle Accident – Tire Replacement – Evidence – Expert Witness – Related Corporations – Punitive Damages

Kingsley v. Brenda & Gene Lummus, Inc. Plaintiff’s expert identified four mechanisms by which her decedent’s motorcycle tire could have been punctured, and all four mechanisms were within defendant’s control when its employee replaced the tire shortly before the motorcycle was involved in a fatal accident.

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Scooter rider settles for $775K after drilling truck hit him

Plaintiff was employed full-time and largely self-sufficient prior to the accident, living independently, with no government assistance or services. Plaintiff was working approximately 40 hours per week for a regional grocery chain, but had no health insurance. Plaintiff rode his ...

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College student stacks divorced parents’ UIM insurance coverage

Plaintiff, a 22-year-old college student at North Carolina State University, sustained serious injuries in a motorcycle accident on Dec. 10, 2009. The at-fault vehicle turned left in front of him as he approached an intersection. Plaintiff sustained serious orthopaedic injuries ...

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