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Leopold and Loeb: a match made in hell? (access required)

On May 21, 1924, 19-year-old Nathan Leopold was out on a mission with his lover and equally brilliant partner, Richard Loeb. When they spotted Loeb’s 14-year-old cousin, Bobby Franks, walking home from an after-school basketball game, they offered him a ride. The Franks family never saw their son alive again.

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Criminal Practice – Murder – Lay Witness – Defendant’s Mental State – Jury Instructions – Prosecutor’s Closing Argument (access required)

State v. Storm Defendant tendered a licensed clinical social worker as a lay witness. Since her only exposure to defendant came from occasionally seeing him in the lobby of her building seven years prior to the murder, the trial court did not abuse its discretion when it refused to allow the witness to testify that defendant “appeared noticeably depressed with flat affect.”

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