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Bar exam fiasco prompts calls for overhaul (access required)

Digital natives abhor an information vacuum, and they expect their elders to embrace technology. But when the summer bar exam went awry two weeks ago, it was all vacuum and no embrace. So it was only natural that traffic to our site spiked on the news that the N.C. Board of Law Examiners was mulling its options following a power outage on Tuesday, July 24, the first day of the July bar exam.

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Don’t blame the messenger (access required)

Repercussions from the power outage at the bar exam continued to ripple through the law grad community last week as more than 1,200 test takers awaited word on how the N.C. Board of Law Examiners would respond to the incident. Would the board mandate a retake of the Tuesday afternoon section? Would graders consider the circumstances when evaluating the essays? And just how were hard-working law grads supposed to relax on their well-deserved post-bar Caribbean vacations with this issue unresolved, anyway?

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With test results in, hard part begins (access required)

The Charlotte School of Law markedly increased its passing rate on the bar exam from the numbers its first graduating class posted last year - 82.2 percent this year over 67.3 percent in 2009. The top spot among in-state law schools went to UNC, with 90.3 percent of its graduates passing. Elon University's second graduating class did worse than last year, with 79.5 percent passing, although 100 percent of its repeat-takers passed. N.C. Central University finished last with 66.2 of its graduates passing. Both Duke University and Campbell University had passing rates close to Charlotte's at about 83 percent. Of Wake Forest University's graduates, 81.8 percent passed. In all, 73 percent passed.

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Gay lawyers say North Carolina’s climate is better but not perfect (access required)

Dan Ellison (pictured) graduated from UNC Law School in 1984 with the same anxiety about passing the bar exam that all lawyers-to-be face at the beginning of their careers. But it wasn't just a commonplace case of the nerves for him. On the contrary, he faced a worry that an unknown number of his classmates might have faced at the same time - whether being gay would affect his ability to become an attorney in North Carolina.

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Bar examiners take team approach to score essays (access required)

As hundreds of would-be attorneys gathered on the state fairgrounds in Raleigh to take the exam earlier this week, a new concept in grading essay questions was about to be used for the first time in North Carolina. It's called "team grading" and it will reduce the time it takes to grade the exams, allowing the N.C. Board of Law Examiners to stick to a two-week grading period instead of having to spill over into a third week.

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