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Domestic Relations – Parent & Child – Termination of Parental Rights – Neglect – Likelihood of Repetition – Failure to Pay Child Support (access required)

In re J.E.M. The respondent-father made no effort to visit his son in the five months prior to the termination-of-parental rights hearing; the father met with a parenting class instructor only once, although parenting classes were part of his case plan and the father was only employed part-time. This evidence supports the trial court’s finding that past neglect would be repeated if the child were returned to respondent.

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Domestic Relations – Parent & Child – Neglect – Disposition – Required Finding (access required)

In re S.H. Where respondents’ youngest child suffered cardiac arrest as the result of starvation, the trial court properly considered this fact when determining whether respondents’ three elder children were neglected. The trial court also properly considered other facts: the three elder children had never received any medical care while in their parents’ home, the respondent-father beat respondents’ son with various implements for disciplinary purposes such that the child sustained deep bruising and scarring to his back, and the respondent-mother failed to prevent this abuse.

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Domestic Relations – Parent & Child – Neglect – Custody & Placement (access required)

In re D.L. Even though the children were adjudicated neglected, custody was never removed from the respondent-mother; the mother’s placement of the children in the homes of relatives was within her authority as custodian of the children, and that decision was endorsed by both DSS and the trial court. The court both recognized the mother’s legal status as custodian and alleviated the guardian ad litem’s concern when the court asked the mother to provide a medical power of attorney to meet the children’s medical needs.

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