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Luddites beware (access required)


This summer, the American Bar Association changed its definition of competence to include technological acumen. Being competent now includes keeping abreast of “the benefits and risks associated with relevant technology.” “Our definition of what a Luddite is, is going to change,” said Amy Plent of the North Carolina Bar Association Foundation.

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Judge hopefuls get judged (access required)

Manning A. Connors

The N.C. Bar Association’s newly released peer review of lawyers seeking seats on the bench is buoying the confidence of some contenders but has already sunk at least one judge hopeful’s campaign. The survey of 83 non-incumbent candidates vying for judgeships in District Court and Superior Court was made public April 18.

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Young president, old values (access required)

At 44, Martin H. Brinkley is the youngest lawyer to lead the North Carolina Bar Association in over 50 years, but for all his youth what defines him are things old — his old fashioned style, for instance, and his love for the wisdom of the ancients. Brinkley, a business lawyer with the prominent Raleigh firm of Smith Anderson, favors bow ties and quotes freely from the classics of ancient Greece and Rome. Now he wants to give a noble legal tradition new life in North Carolina. His priority as association president is to get more lawyers to donate their time pro bono on behalf of the poor. The words are drawn from a Latin phrase used by Cicero — a Roman writer Brinkley studied as a highly honored classics major at Harvard — “Pro bono publico” or “For the public good.”

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