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Criminal Practice – Restitution – Obtaining Property by False Pretenses – Home Repairs (access required)

State v. Shehan Although defendant and his crew worked for eight weeks on the remodeling project that was the subject of case 10 CRS 104, the homeowners testified that they paid defendant $60,000 towards the renovation project. Defendant failed to provide receipts, failed to complete work which he indicated had been done, took numerous items from the house, and left the house in a complete state of disrepair.

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Dubious Deeds  (access required)

On June 1, a real estate agent was showing a house to a couple in the Union County town of Weddington. While the couple checked out the basement of the house in the 1000 block of Antioch Woods Lane, two men, Asaru A. Ali and Kenneth W. Lewis, suddenly showed up, according to Detective Brian Keziah of the Union County Sheriff’s Department. Ali and Lewis had some news that took everyone by surprise, Keziah said. “These two guys came in, showed the purported deed and said the Moorish Temple now owned this house,” he said. “They took over the house.”

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Criminal Practice – Obtaining Property by False Pretense – Evidence – Subsequent Bad Acts – Sentencing (access required)

State v. Twitty Where defendant told an Alamance County church congregation a sad, but false, story, asked church members for money, and received money and gas for his car, the trial court did not abuse its discretion when it admitted evidence that defendant had done the same thing in other churches after the Alamance County incident.

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