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Legislator moves ahead of curve on ‘fracking’ in NC (access required)

State Rep. Mitch Gillespie described his bill to raise bonding permit fees on companies that want to drill for oil in North Carolina as "a one-issue place-holder bill." While that bill, H. 242, is in the House's Standing Committee on the Environment, the Burke County Republican said he will publish a proposed committee substitute addressing the broader issues posed by the process of hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking."

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‘Fracking’ poses risks, opportunities for industry, public, lawyers (access required)

The 21st century is going to be defined by water, says Yadkin Riverkeeper Dean Naujoks. That is why he is against hydraulic fracturing in North Carolina. Right now the law is on Naujoks' side. But perhaps not for long. Winston-Salem attorney Nathan Atkinson, who represents energy companies throughout the Appalachian region, told Lawyers Weekly that "All the major players are looking at North Carolina for natural gas exploration, given estimates on deposits from some geologists in the area."

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