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Sep 8, 2011

Criminal Practice – Contract – Bail Agent – Attorneys – Practice of Law – Bond Forfeiture – Motion to Set Aside

State ex rel. Guilford County Board of Education v. Herbin Filing a motion to set aside a bond forfeiture does not constitute an appearance before a judicial body; therefore, a bail agent is not engaging in the unauthorized practice of law when he files such a motion. We affirm the trial court’s ruling that permits a bail agent to appear pro se to contest a bond forfeiture.

Jan 7, 2011

Legal career path adds intersections, off ramps

Charlotte attorney Gene Pridgen graduated from law school in 1978 with a clear-cut career path in front of him. He'd clerked for the large firm of Kennedy Covington - now K&L Gates - the previous summer and received a subsequent offer for a position as an associate. Five years later, he made partner. Pridgen called his longevity at the firm typical for lawyers of his generation. But times have[...]

Oct 15, 2010

Lawmakers mull levying sales tax on legal services

Everything is on the table. That is the message from N.C. Senate President Pro Tempore Marc Basnight (pictured) concerning how to deal with the state's projected $3.2 billion budget shortfall. Is a tax on legal services on that table? Maybe.

Oct 8, 2010

Coach’s Corner: Are you prepared for contingencies?

  By ED POLL, Special to Lawyers Weekly edpol[email protected]   Contingency fees are one of the most frequently used alternative-billing arrangements, especially in personal-injury and collection matters, as a flat percentage of the value recovered for the client. They are particularly useful for the lawyer skilled at analyzing cases and accepting those with a high […]

Oct 7, 2010

Study provides unique peek into lawyer job satisfaction

How do you feel about your job today? How about yesterday? Last year? Surveys on lawyer job satisfaction tend to be snapshots of a particular moment. But a new study looks at one group of 360 lawyers, starting with the date they entered the University of Virginia law school in 1987, and catching up with them again 20 years later. A longitudinal study of law graduates 20 years after they entered s[...]

Oct 1, 2010

Turf War: Client scarcity fuels battle between rural, urban lawyers

Smithfield attorneys watch as lawyers from Raleigh walk into the Johnston County Courthouse with dozens of traffic-ticket shucks in their hands. In Union County, attorneys are feeling the squeeze as law firms in Charlotte take on more personal-injury cases. And in Pender County, the local bar is trying to change the rules for the indigent-defender list to keep Wilmington-based lawyers from signing[...]

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