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Tag Archives: Privacy

False sense of security (access required)

A legal Listserv is supposed to be like Las Vegas. What happens on the Listserv stays on the Listserv. But in reality, candid conversations among lawyers on Listservs get leaked just as easily as scandals travel across the Sin City ...

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TMI? Lawyers split over online juror surveillance (access required)

At a time when government surveillance of online communications is a sensitive subject, lawyers are divided on where to draw the line when it comes to their own secretive research into jurors’ Internet activities. While mining the Web for as much background information as possible about jurors has become a widely accepted practice among trial lawyers, some are less comfortable with moving beyond research to the real-time monitoring of jurors’ Internet activities once a trial is underway.

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In defense of student privacy (access required)

When tragedy strikes, rational judgment becomes vulnerable to passions of anger, sadness and fear. Any grade-schooler knows that an accused in the United States is innocent until proven guilty. But read the news after revelation of a horrific crime, and the ordering of American values seems fuzzy.

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