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Civil Rights – Public Records Act – Arrest Report – Campus Police

Ochsner v. Elon University Even though the Public Records Act applies to public law enforcement agencies, the Act defines “public law enforcement agency” to mean “a municipal police department, a county police department, a sheriff’s department, a company police agency commissioned by the Attorney General pursuant to G.S. 74E-1, et seq., and any State or local agency, force, department, or unit responsible for investigating, preventing, or solving violations of the law.” Since campus police departments are not in this list, we find that the General Assembly did not intend for campus police departments to be subject to the Act.

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Civil Practice – Pleadings – Complaint – Under Seal – Public Records Act – Corporate – Derivative Action – Delaware Action

Smith v. Raymond. (Lawyers Weekly No. 10-15-0655, 4 pp.) (Albert Diaz, J.) N.C. Bus. Ct. Holding: A stipulation in a Delaware Chancery case is insufficient, by itself, to justify sealing plaintiff’s entire complaint. If the parties believe the complaint should ...

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