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Workers’ Compensation – Disability – Job Search – Reasonableness – Truck Driver

Franklin v. Broyhill Furniture Industries When a truck driver has limited his job search to truck-driving positions, before the Industrial Commission can conclude the truck driver is disabled, the Commission must make findings and conclusions explaining why the limitation on his job search was reasonable. We affirm in part but reverse and remand on the issue of disability. Defendant argues that, when relying on an unsuccessful job search to prove disability, a claimant must produce evidence and the Commission must find that he unsuccessfully searched for employment in fields other than the one in which he was employed at the time he was injured. We disagree.

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Domestic Relations – Alimony – Separation Agreement – Attorney’s Fees – Reasonableness

Jackson v. Penton. The trial court had the authority to award reasonable attorney's fees under the express provisions of a separation agreement; however, the amount of fees was unreasonable where they were awarded to enforce a provision of the separation agreement that was unenforceable as against public policy. Affirmed in part; reversed and remanded in part.

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